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Funding Issues Will Have Major Impact on MISD

The funding issues (Levy Lid Act, McCleary Ruling, Initiative 1351) facing the Mercer Island School District will have a major impact in the coming years. (Read more…) The MISD Advocacy Committee, made up of representatives from each of our schools in our district has formulated a message for our State Legislators:

The Legislature should ensure that McCleary is fully funded WHILE maintaining the definition of Basic Education. And that during this process that NO further restrictions, limitations or reductions occur with respect to local communities’ ability to supplement education through local district education levies.

If levy lids were reduced by 3%, 5% or 10%, this would equate to the Mercer Island School District losing $1.08M, $1.80M or $3.6M, respectively.

Reducing local levies will result in some communities losing significant school funding. During this critical legislative session, Washington lawmakers must ensure that students in certain districts are not actually harmed by their actions on the McCleary Decision.

Legislative Action Alerts coming soon. For more information, please contact Ralph Jorgenson, VP Advocacy at advocacy@miptacouncil.org